martedì 24 aprile 2012

Going back to literature, going back to poetry

Many days and many months have passed since I've neglected the writings I love most: literature and poetry. I feel that it has come the time to go back to them. If I think about what it really means writing for me, I feel it is mostly literature, novels, images built up with words.
I'm writing this in English because a good writer can and could change a night out to a reader. And that's what happened when I read a post of a writer I've discovered some time ago. She's so smooth with words, building up clear visions of reality that are near to poetry for me. But, oh yes, she writes in English and marvellously!
So If you like to discover the writing who changed my night out, Here you go! The post is dedicated to the no lights, no lycra phenomenon born in Melbourne, Australia. What is it? It is a place where you dance with no lights and no lycra pants, with no teacher and no dancing lessons.
You feel free as your body moves freely in the dark surrounded only by the sound of music and other people who are there just like you, looking for a moment of freedom. With no need of showing it to a public.


lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Le avventure di Pinocchio

Chi crede che i soldi da soli si possano moltiplicare senza muovere un dito è un VERO sfigato.

Queste fantomatiche società che si pubblicizzano online non muoiono mai? Evidentemente c'è sempre qualche allocco che spera di fare soldi senza avere idee, senza produrre, senza creare!
Ma smettetela!

Letture consigliate: le avventure di pinocchio

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